Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Interesting Travel Apps

I'm always looking for great travel and photography apps for my iPad and/or Android phone. I have just about all the lonely planet apps, but they're really nothing visually inspiring. So I was very happy to find two sets of apps that use photography to make their points.

The first set of apps is called Cool Cities and is available for the iPhone and iPad. teNeue Digital Media GmbH created these travel guides with great images that don't suffer when scaled up for the iPad. The descriptions are brief and to the point. Currently, Cool Cities' inventory includes Berlin, London, New York, Paris, and Rome apps. The regular price is $1.99, although you can find them for free from time to time. Check 'em out!

Another great set of apps is the Fotopedia series and is only available for the iPhone and iPad. There are seven in total - Above France, Dreams of Burma (new and free at the moment), Heritage, Memory of Colors, National Parks, North Korea, and Paris. The images in each app are stunning! I found the North Korea to be interesting since you get to see that propaganda machine at work during everyday scenes. The makers of Fotopedia have gotten a lot of flack for only showing the "positive" side of life in North Korea, but honestly, I think that is a bit unfair, considering how controlling the government is there. I doubt they would have let the photographer leave with any images showing them in a bad light. Seeing as how it is very unlikely that I will ever go to North Korea, I appreciated the images captured in this app. I have posted some of the images below for you all to take a look at.

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